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"The war between good and evil"
"He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel." (Gen. 3:15) - First Advent



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Roi and Linda Emiliani                                  Triumph Of Faith

Romans 1:3-6;16-17
This Good News is about his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.a]'> In his human nature he was a descendant of David. In his spiritual, holy nature he was declared the Son of God. This was shown in a powerful way when he came back to life. Through him we have received God's kindnessb]'> and the privilege of being apostles who bring people from every nation to the obedience that is associated with faith. This is for the honor of his name. You are among those who have been called to belong to Jesus Christ.)

14 I have an obligation to those who are civilized and those who aren't, to those who are wise and those who aren't. 15 That's why I'm eager to tell you who live in Rome the Good News also.

16 I'm not ashamed of the Good News. It is God's power to save everyone who believes, Jews first and Greeks as well.17 God's approval is revealed in this Good News. This approval begins and ends with faith as Scripture says, "The person who has God's approval will live by faith.

John 1:9-14  (Not everyone is a child of God; only those born of His Spirit)
The real light, which shines on everyone, was coming into the world. 10 He was in the world, and the world came into existence through him. Yet, the world didn't recognize him.11 He went to his own people, and his own people didn't accept him. 12 However, he gave the right to become God's children to everyone who believed in him. 13 These people didn't become God's children in a physical way--from a human impulse or from a husband's desire to have a child. They were born from God.

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